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I have been to WDW many times, but this is the first time I’ve stayed off-site…sort of. We’ll be at Shades of Green, so we’d have to pay to park if we drove (we will have our own car). Since it’s DH’s first time, I’d love to make rope drop every day, even for EMH. Obviously, we can walk to the TTC for MK and Epcot, but I was wondering if Uber would be cost effective and time efficient to get to HS and AK. Or should I just stop being so cheap and just drive for the convenience? Any thoughts are appreciated.

It is $17 to park per day. Even uner would probably cost close to that considering you will need at leSt two trips. And if you eanted a midday break it woild add to it. I understand wanting to save money. You could use disney transportation from poly to get to thise parks as well

Thanks for the info! I was thinking we could use Disney transportation at the end of the day since we won’t be in a hurry then. We won’t need midday breaks, as we have no kids. :wink: As far as the Poly, how early do the buses run? Would we be able to get to the parks with at least half an hour to spare, do you think?

I would drive without question. With the resort money you save staying at SoG, there is really no reason not to pay the extra money for parking IMHO. You are taking a first timer- do you really want to spend a bunch of time at bus transfers? Since you are planning to make RD every day- it is even more critical IMHO. It’s 17 bucks- that’s not much in the big picture. Is it worth 17 bucks to have to potentially miss buses and have to wait 20-25 minutes for the next one, and possibly miss rope drop? We are all different, so really depends on how much you value your time. Are you there for a long time? If so, an AP could make sense for a single trip- or if you can plan a return within the year it would definitely make sense. AP holders get free parking- but the ticket with tax hovers right around $700.00.

Good points, I appreciate it. No, we’ll just be there for 4 days. I’m definitely considering an AP in the future though. Pretty much depends on whether I can get DH as hooked as I am lol. Well, driving it is!

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I’ve stayed at SoG many times, and I’ve never had a problem making it to RD at DHS or AK using the SoG busses. Just check the schedule and make sure you’re on the first bus. You can also take an SoG bus to the TTC, which may be faster than walking to the Poly and getting the mono there. And if going to EP, definitely faster to take the bus to TTC and get on the EP mono than walking to Poly, taking the mono all the way around to the TTC and then getting on the EP mono.