Uber/Lyft Drop Off Points at the Parks and Disney Springs

The last time this was addressed was in Feb '18, so I want to make sure I have the most UTD info.

MK: TTC (I think)
EP: Not sure???
HS: Not sure???
AK: Front gate
Disney Spring: Not sure???

We’re driving down but with no trams running, I’m considering parking my vehicle and using Uber/Lyft more often.

HS: drops off / picks up near sky liner

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Is there no more ride sharing pick-up near the resort buses at MK? It will probably be easier to schedule a pick up at Contemporary and walk

I think they only allowed Minnie Vans at MK resort bus stops and that ride share program was shuttered during the beginning of the pandemic


TP did a blog about this last March, complete with maps and photos. I thought I’d read where the HS one moved away from the Skyliner area and closer to the charter bus area, but I can’t confirm.

The resort hotels are more restrictive about ride shares dropping guests off without an ADR or hotel reservation, especially the ones close to MK. But it should be ok to be picked up at any hotel.


I’m not sure if it’s allowed(pretty sure it’s not) but our Uber driver dropped us off at the U turn in front of contemporary.

VERY helpful everyone!

I plan on ADRs at MK resorts so will be dropped off at the Poly and Contemporary.

Definitely doing Uber/Lyft for everywhere else. DH needs a scooter for the parks and this seems like the best option to keep him from doing to much walking in the parking lots.

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