Uber/Lyft & Double Stroller

Hi, I am planning on using Uber/Lyft during out next visit. We are a family of four, 1 child needs a booster, we have a mifold which we will bring so do not need a car that has a car seat. We will be renting a City Mini double stroller and I am worried if it will fit in trunk of a regular uber/lyft or if I need to order uber/lyft xl? Thanks.

We are going in 1.5 weeks (!!!) and we are renting a double citi mini for our almost 7 year olds. Aside: I’m hoping that’s a good decision, but I guess we’ll find out.

I’m planning on getting the Lyft XL if we do use lyft. I’m also contemplating getting a MinnieVan on a couple of occasions. I know they are expensive, but to be dropped off at the front door of HS seems worth it to save a good bit of walking.

Edited to add: by Florida law, they are old enough to sit without a booster at all, but in NC they are required to be a in a booster. I’m bringing our bubble bums. I don’t know if the minnie vans will have two boosters or not.

A stroller is always good, kids will be exhausted by end of the day, it’s crazy the amount you walk & u can store things in it. We used Minnie vans this past September w/our 2 kids, they have 2 Graco 4ever carseats which can convert to a high back booster which we used for my daughter. All the Minnie van drivers we had knew how to properly install the car seat and booster seat.

I think in most cases it will fit. If for some reason you order the car and it shows up as Yaris or Volt or something, cancel right away. In a tourist area (or any city really) the Uber driver won’t get too far if their car can’t fit a piece of luggage or stroller, etc.

Thank you