Uber from MCO

We’re arriving on 10/25 around noon and I was planning to get an Uber as we are going to MK/MNSSHP as soon as we get checked in at Ft. Wilderness Cabins. Has anyone done Uber out of MCO lately and is there anything difficult about that process?

Hi, we used it in April. You can’t get the regular UberX out of MCO, not allowed, but you can get Uber Black. That was very easy and worked well. We used the regular cheaper UberX to get back to MCO, that part is fine.

Wait, are you talking about Uber from Fort Wilderness to the parks, or from MCO to FW?

Thanks! I’m talking about Uber from the airport to Ft. Wilderness.

Keep in mind Uber will not be allowed to go past the main parking lot so you’ll have to take your bags and everything with you on the internal bus once you are checked in since you won’t be using DME.

When I stayed at Fort Wilderness with out a car a cast member drove us and our luggage to our cabin after we checked in. We did not have to take an internal bus. But I have only stayed there once.