Uber drop off at DLR

Where is the best place to drop off if taking an Uber to DLR? Looks like the Grand Californian might be an option, but can you walk through to the gates if not staying there?

I went in October and stayed offsite for the first time in many years. Normally my family stays at one of the Disneyland resort hotels. This time I was going with my sister and we decided to try one of the offsite hotels. My sister got injured getting off the plane at LAX and was on crutches, so we were not able to walk from our hotel to Disneyland. We took Uber from our hotel. There is a drop off spot near where the buses and shuttles drop their guests off. It is also near where all the taxis are stationed. We tried to take Uber from our hotel to grand Californian Hotel, but were turned away. We were told the only guest were allowed to be dropped off there. We were allowed to enter only after they saw the crutches, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done.

Wow. I wonder if they let you drop off at Disney Springs.

Still DTD on the west coast. This might answer your question:


One thing to take into consideration is when you are going. They are getting ready to do some major demo for the new hotel, so that may affect the ease of getting to a drop spot at DTD (looks like the current spot is right behind worlds sports cafe, which is one of the builds schedule for closure at the end of June and subsequently demolished).