UBER discount code

I didn’t see this on here and if it is inappropriate please delete. I use Uber all the time in NYC and plan to use it next week when I go to WDW.

I thought it could be helpful to share Uber codes and pay it forward to each other.

For those of you not familiar with Uber it is basically a car service that you order and pay for through the Uber app. When I am on my desktop I will post the link to a good how to article.

If you have never used Uber before you can use the following code to get a free ride up to $20.00. And the fact it starts with Nichole makes it a liner win if you ask me. LOL

Uber Promotion Code


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Thanks. Is this code good for a ride next year or is it time sensitive?

Use it any time. What I did when I went is have everyone that was traveling with me set up an account so that we were trading free rides. It worked great and got us around virtually free.

Thanks! Great idea.