Uber at Universal

We are planning on taking Uber into/out of the park. Early morning arrival and HHN late departure.

Where does Uber Drop off?

Are we better to get dropped at one of the hotels?

And then Pick-up - I understand it is zoo getting out at park close on a Friday night.

Suggestions on Where we should have Uber Pick us up.

Thanks in Advance.

Uber and Lyft drop off and pick up here:

Pretty much exactly where the blue pin is in the picture.

It’s very simple and convenient. Walk towards the big circular thing which is where security is. You go up an escalator, do security and then walk along the covered walkway on the left.

Reverse the procedure when you leave. It’s busy and you need to keep your eyes open for your particular Uber. They send you a picture so you know what you’re looking for.

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That is great info! Thanks