Uber at disney world?

Has anyone ever used UBER at Disney? We have a couple of early dining reservations and don’t want to use the Disney buses. Any experience with UBER and if they are able to drop or pick up at the parks and hotels? I figure it will be cheaper and less wait time than a cab, we are a family of 6 so we will need a van or large SUV


I know @BeachmomSparklepants has used it


I know niter is a driver. Uber is also mentioned on the new unoffical guide. I am leeping it in mind for future trips


I’ve also heard @len talk about it on WDW today podcast and how great it was - and about a third of the cost of a taxi. I’ve not used it myself, but did sign up for an account before it last trip in case I decided to use it.

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I’ve used it. In covering the exact same route, with similar traffic, Uber was less than half the cost of a taxi at WDW. I’ll never use a taxi in Orlando again.


What @len said. Uber is my go to now.


Thanks Everyone! @len Thats exactly what I wanted to hear


Ah, one more thing. If you’re getting picked up at a resort, the Uber driver will be asked to call you when they get to the security gate. So you’ll need to answer that strange phone number calling you while you’re standing outside. :smile:

Is Uber reliable for early pickups such as for a pre-RD ADR?

Does anyone have the code for the first ride free? And if you use that does the driver still get paid? Wouldn’t want to use it if they did not

It can be difficult for Uber or Lyft drivers to get into the parks area. My best recommendation is go to the nearest resort to the park you’re at, and have the driver pick you up there. That’s also a better drop off location. So, if your going to MK, have the driver drop you off at the Contemporary and just take the quick walk over.

We took a cab from Disney’s AK Lodge to all star sports after dinner. It was $7. Check the taxi first. Not as expensive as we thought.

Here is my code, michelles6825ue get $20 off when you use it! Yes they do still get paid if you use them. Love Uber will never use anything else.

I used it twice last week, once to get from AKL to Cirque (which was nice as I was dropped off right near the theater and not by the shuttle bus drop off at the opposite end of DD) and again from Cirque to HS.

The driver was able to drive to the front door of the resort with no interaction from me, and dropped my off at HS by the taxi drop off.

Has anyone used Uber to get from a WDW resort to Universal? I am trying to decide between that and a Mears shuttle.