Uber and Saratoga Springs

I called Saratoga Springs about transportation that will be available to get to our 8:00 AM ADR at the Magic Kingdom. I was told there are no buses that run that early, but they would be happy to call me a taxi. Has anyone used Uber to/from Saratoga Springs and if so, can they pick up/ drop off at your building (Grandstand), or only at the Carriage House?

Just checked my app and it looks like it would cost you about $9-13. Not sure where they pick up at. I do know that the driver will call you when they arrive so they will be able to tell you.

Pretty sure FW is the only resort that taxi/uber isn’t allowed past the main building. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an early morning ADR bus. All of the other resorts have them. They typically run about 6:30am.

I was shocked and confirmed with her that I didn’t misunderstand. She said the bus starts running 45 minutes before the park opens.

That is the issue these days when you call Disney. All phone calls go to a “call center” and the information is not reliable. There is an ADR bus- you may chose not to wait for it or chance missing it and take a cab/uber but there is a bus.