Uber after MVMCP

Is it possible to user Uber so late in the evening (midnight)? Can they pick up at the TTC? Or would it be faster to walk to Contemporary? We have never used Uber or a Taxi so no experience to pull from. We would leaving from Boardwalk Villas to MK in time to enter park by 4pm and returning back to the BW after MVMCP. Any suggestions about FASTEST transportation options would be much appreciated. We will have a car.

Have there been reports of long waits for the bus? Last October I left MK after the Halloween Party. I left after midnight but there was no wait for a BWI bus.

Our first time to Disney in Dec of 2013 we did MVMCP and getting on the bus was fast. However no seats were left so we had to stand and it took forever because of the multiple stops. At midnight after a really long afternoon/night last thing I want is to take an hour to get back to our room, would rather pay to get back to our room FAST than use the bus.

Isn’t the BW the first stop? At the most it would be two stops (if swan/dolphin was first?)