Typical Mine Train Wait times during EMH?

When I booked FP+ for our October trip, DD4 insisted that she did not want to ride 7DMT so I made the mistake of not getting a FP when we were at 60 days out. DW and I discussed whether or not to book it anyway in case DD4 changed her mind, but DD4 was so adamant (and has never been willing to try a coaster) that we decide to skip booking it.

Of course today DD4 proudly announced that she changed her mind and wants to try it.

What has been your experience with wait time during EMH? Also, is RS available during EMH?

If were talking a 45 minute’ish wait, then we would give it a try, but much longer than that and DD4 will learn the lesson of needing the decide on your Disney rides in advance.

Our experience has been that if you are at the front of the pack at rope drop you can easily ride with a very short wait. We’ve been on and off in 10-15 mins before. Note: there will be hoards of people headed there with you and you will need to be front of the pack to achieve that though.

There is a GREAT Touring Plans video available about rope dropping 7DMT and how long the waits will be depending on where you are in the pack. I’d suggest checking that out. I would link to it but I can’t access it on this computer.

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You could also try to get a PPO at BOG on a non-EMH day via reservation finder. I don’t think BOG is that great and it’s pricey but if you’re in DDP or it does interest you then go for it. It’s not worth paying the money just to get on the ride IMO though.

In October every day at MK has EEMH at 7 am so I don’t this a PPO will help. Am I missing something?

You’re right. Forget that.

I actually got FP for 7DMT at 30 days for 4 people. I’m sure it was luck, and possibly due to someone cancelling, but don’t give up on the idea of changing your FPs. Keep checking and you might get lucky.

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Yes, I will keep checking, but it will take some luck so trying to figure out another option. We are staying at Bay Lake Tower so we could relatively easily RD 7:00 am EEMH, but we would be at the back of the RD crowd. I am not racing with the front of the crowd with a 4 year old.

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There hasn’t been any normal EEMH day yet (due to Dorian) so it is hard to know how wait times are going to be. We don’t know yet how different EEMH are going to be from EMH.

I would check MDE at 7am ET a couple of weeks from now to look at wait times, it should give you a better estimate.

We rode it on 8/29 during EEMH. We rope dropped PPF and hadn’t planned to do mine train during EEMH at first. But we walked past after PPF on our way to Tomorrowland speedway. Wait was under 15 minutes so we couldn’t resist. We could have done it twice in a row with the same wait.

I checked a couple times a day since my post and there was nothing on either of our MK days … until tonight. Tonight I got the 7DMT FP! Incredibly, within 15 minutes of the most ideal time for my TP.

Goes to show, you gotta keep checking.


so happy for you!

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so glad it worked out! Have a wonderful trip.

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