Typhoon Lagoon worth a visit?

We’re going to Orlando for 13 days with 8 full days at Disney World before moving on to Universal for 4 days later on in the week, so I’m just trying to figure out if Typhoon Lagoon is worth a visit at $60 a person for my husband and I since we’ll be going to Volcano Bay later on in the week. So far the only things that interest me there is the awesome wave pool and maybe 2 of the slides. I’m just trying to see if it’s worth the money or if we should spend it elsewhere like on a day of resort hopping or a mid day monorail crawl.

“Worth” has different meanings to different people so it’s really hard to answer this question. If it was me, and I was going to Volcano Bay a few days later, I would probably skip TL - but I’m not a water park fanatic; one per trip is enough, and many trips have none. I know people who will go to a water park 3 out of 7 days. so it really varies…

For me it would depend on how hot it’s likely to be… we’ve gone on non-park days in the summer, when we were likely to spend half the day in the pool anyhow but in the winter we wouldn’t bother, because it’s not going to be so hot that we need to cool off and the resort pool is good enough just for some fun time.

We’re from Canada and going in mid/late April so anything over 80 is warm enough to swim for us. I have tentative plans for dinner at Raglan Road that night which is why I wanted to go in the first place since I know you have to transfer at Disney Springs. Now I’m not so sure. After all, we could sleep in longer, spend time at the pool, go strolling around Port Orleans, and then do some sightseeing and shopping at Disney Springs before dinner.

If you don’t have any other pool time scheduled at the resort then I probably would just do that.

Staying at POR you have a lot if pools to enjoy. The main pool is nice and there are many quiet pools. And you can go over to POFQ and enjoy that pool too.

If you are really into water parks and enjoy the slides then go to typhoon lagoon. If you just want to rest and relax stay at POR then catch a boat to disney springs.

I’m a big Typhoon Lagoon supporter, but we always have the water parks included with our tickets. Since it would be an additional expense for you and you’re going to Volcano Bay later in the trip, I think you can skip TL and enjoy the resort pools as others have suggested, and you won’t feel like you’ve missed out.

Thank you for the advice everyone. I think we’re going to skip TL and spend the afternoon at the pool followed by a monorail crawl. We actually have two full days off, but I know we’ll be sleeping in really late for at least one of them, so I’m not so worried about what to do that day.

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