Typhoon Lagoon Transportation

My DS9 has his heart set upon TLagoon. We have 5 day park hoppers and water parks and fun etc tickets. I studied our laughing place's website and it sounded like even from our resort -CSR- that we would have to take 2 busses. Can anyone confirm this? I hope it's wrong info. On the bright side- CSR seems really close to BBeach.

They made some changes on the transportation to TL before the summer I think.
They may have changed it again, but the last I read is that you will be able to take one bus to TL if you go before 2 pm.
And if you leave before 2 pm you can take a bus straight back to your resort.
However, if you wish to go to TL after 2 pm, or if you want to leave after 2 pm, then you will have to go to Epcot first, and change from there.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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