Typhoon Lagoon Help

Howdy Touring Plans Family! The Fam (DH - 38, DD - 12, DS - 9 and DS - 8) and I are headed to WDW in a few weeks and are kicking around going to Typhoon Lagoon on our non-park day. We have never experienced a Disney Water Park, and I have a few questions:

  1. How do Disney water parks compare to local water parks? We have been to our local White Water and Hurricane Harbor and I’m wondering if Disney water parks are nicer.

  2. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Do busses run direct from our resort to Typhoon Lagoon or do we have to go through Disney Springs?

  3. Can we use our magic bands at park for entry and to purchase food?

  4. Any suggestions for touring? Our plan is to be there at park open and stay for 4-5 hours.

  5. Any rides that heavier adults should avoid?

Thank you for your advice!

Check out this thread for Q5:

Have a great time!

Yes you can use your magic bands for everything exactly as you would at the main parks.

They did reintroduce direct buses but I’m not sure of the details, I will look for a link.

There was a recent thread about avoiding slides as a heavier person and the consensus seemed to be that there was no need and it was perfectly safe to do all.

The water parks are very nice but I haven’t been to any others in the US to compare.

General wisdom is to go to the back first because people will stop at the first slide they get to.

Sorry for answering these in a completely random order! I will add a link about the buses if I find it. We’re not doing a Dis water park this time - we’re trying Volcano Bay instead - so I didn’t even read it, let alone save it.

From South depot apparently -

#1 – I’m a water park fan and have been to many in the US and both at WDW. TL has nicer theming than say a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, but the slides are similar. It is a nice place – not too big

#2 – I just checked and there does seem to be direct buses

#3 – Yes

#4 – Figure out if there’s a particular slide you want to do, like Crushin’ Gusher, and head to it. The water parks get busy, but IMHO never as packed as a local water park. With so much to do at WDW the water parks aren’t a priority for the majority of guests. But mostly… just walk around and have fun like you stated.

#5 – Nope. If you are heavier and like water slides at your local water park, there’s nothing to avoid here.


They recently added bus service to/from POR to the water parks.


Y’all are AMAZING! Thank you so much for your feedback and links! I really appreciate it. You have put my mind at ease. I think my family will absolutely love spending the day at Typhoon Lagoon. It is going to be a great trip!


We love TL!!
Personally, I think TL is better than any local water park I’ve been too. The wave pool is amazing and not like other wave pools.
Yes, you can use your magic bands for park entry (if it’s linked to a water park ticket). I usually don’t bring any debit/credit cards with me at TL and just use my MB to charge.
I would suggest doing Crush n Gusher and Miss Adventure Falls as your first rides. We usually do that and then some of the tube and body slides and save the wave pool and lazy river for later.
I’m heavier and I don’t avoid any of the rides.

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