Typhoon lagoon getaway glen umbrella worth it?

We are planning on heading to Typhoon Lagoon on Thursday July 30th. Thinking about reserving the Getaway Glen umbrella for the day. We will plan to be there before park open like everything I’ve read says. Planning to stay until 3-4ish because we have an ADR that night. Anyone have experience with this and is it worth it for the $59? How hard is it to claim a spot if you are there 30 min early.

Well, I’ve never paid to reserve a spot, but I’ve also never had trouble just grabbing two beach chairs side by side when the park opens and keeping our stuff on them for when we return.

Last trip, for reference:

  • Was in line 15 minutes before opening
  • “Difficulty” at the ticket window; I didn’t get into the park for about 40 minutes
  • No problem “reserving” our spot (3 people / 2 chairs / sand / in the shade)
  • Date: September 2013

If you are there at rope drop and go look for chairs under an umbrella first you will find a place to put your stuff. We’ve never had problems with it. The benefit to renting the chairs is when you arrive mid day and want some shade.

We spent 1/2 day at Typhoon Lagoon and 1/2 day at Blizzard Beach. We rented a locker at both and never used a chair. We were so busy doing things that we found that we didn’t need a chair. We just ran by the locker if we needed something.

I agree with the others who have said that there are no problems getting chairs. Especially if you’re arriving for rope drop, you’ll be just fine, even in the summer. :slight_smile: If you’re a planner (like I am!), you might want to take a look at a park map (or Google Earth!) to figure out where you might want to be. When the ropes drop, some people take off running because they have a “spot” that they want. Have fun!