Typhoon Lagoon Cabanna - "Beachcomber Shack"

Hi Liners~

I’m curious if anyone has experience renting a day Cabana at Typhoon Lagoon. We’ll have my wife, 2 kids; son 6, daughter 9 and parents 68 and 71. Our intention would be to have a central meeting location and somewhere for my parents to stay out of the sun if they desire. Mom has a hard time in prolonged direct sunlight and outside of floating around in Castaway Creek doesn’t do any of the slides, tube rides or wave pool. We’re trying to give her a place where she can relax and still enjoy the atmosphere while we keep up with the kids.

We haven’t found much first hand information other than mentions in guide books that you can rent them.

We’re looking for recommendations on one location vs another or even specific Shack numbers, overall experiences and would you do it again or not.

Thanks in advance!

We rented a Beachcomber Shack last June and the experience was great! They are a bit pricey, but they include several things and worth the price (in my opinion). The shack is for 6 people and has nice, cushioned lounge chairs. Each person gets a refillable mug, towels and a locker right in the shack as well. There are a group of about 6 shacks just off the side of one of the food areas. The area is secluded and roped off for only those renting, but still very close to an entrance to the lazy river. You also get a cast member to run for food, drinks and towels. Ours was wonderful!

If it’s in your budget, I’d say it would be perfect for your group. It was a great meeting place for our group as well as somewhere shady to eat and for our 3 year old to nap. I would say call the reservation line and talk to them about it, I found them very helpful when I was on the fence about renting it.

we rented one a couple of years ago. Don’t remember the location. But we loved it. We would definitely do it again. Nice to have a quiet place to regroup and relax.

We rented one a few years ago - I can’t remember the number, but it was by the Lazy River. Although pricey I would recommend them if you want to have a relaxing full day at TL. We spent about half our day in the cabana and enjoyed the privacy and service. If you think you will be on-the-go all day then I suspect they will be a bit of a waste of money. I don’t know of you still can, but a few years ago there was an option to hire them for a morning or an afternoon, as opposed to a full day.

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