Typhoon Lagoon / BB Queue times in mid June

What can I expect for queue times at either waterpark in mid June? will a few hours at each park be fine just to do the main attractions?

We usually go I ,July which I think is about the same crowd level. After the first hour or so the queues will build to 30 - 60 mins, depending on the ride. We usually do RD and spend 90 mins doing all the rides. It’s then time for the wave pool and lazy river (no queues). We have lunch about 12 and then redo the rides with shortest queues. If you just want a few hours then RD is key.

We like to do WP on a late night MK or WS Epcot day. Go right when they open, stay for 2-3 hrs, leave when the lines start to build, have lunch, relax and then hit the park. Last trip we did this 3 out of 9 days in June, never waited more than 5-10 min for a slide. Friends we were traveling with did this 4 out of 5 days and loved it.