Types of Mickey Ears in the park gift stores for girls?

I’m making a goody basket for my girls for their first trip…I’m looking at Mickey Ears in the disneystore.com site, and see a couple cute options, but wondering if it’s better to wait and let them pick. What’s the selection like in the park gift shops vs. disneystore.com? They are 2 & 4 Princess lovers, if that matters! Thanks!

The main gift shops in each park will have a large selection. I would wait and let them choose. Maybe give them a “coupon” good for 1 set of mouse ears or ear headband. Then hopefully you can avoid them seeing something they like better and ending up buying them another pair. =)

I agree with @Armadillo_Alert. It’s fun to choose your own ears.

I would let them pick too. There are so many to choose from! I like @Armadillo_Alert’s idea of giving them a coupon.

And they may both be princess lovers but they may surprise you by picking basic black ones or Star Wars ones… You just never know! Let them pick at the park and worry about it until then @e_squaredND!

agree, let them choose, it’s fun to see what they go for. Mine stuck true to their personality - one went for the classic, the other is a sequin girl all the way!