Type of coffee makers at Beach Club Villas

Hi. Will be staying for first time at BC Villas. What type of coffee maker do they have? Do I need to bring my own coffee for it? What about coffee filters?

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I am staying there now and will look later tonight when we get back.

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We’ve stayed at 4 different DVCs and they all have been basket type filter machines. Mousekeeping will leave you some coffee, but I always bring coffee and filters as well as purchase half & half from the resort market or Garden Grocer if I’m placing an order with them. What is in your villa is pretty basic.

They are 12 cup machines.

That would be great. THANKS!

The coffeemaker in our studio is only a 4 cup basket style. 2 packages of coffee were provided, and include filter.

THANKS! We will be in a 2 bedroom villa. Wonder if they have bigger ones…

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We have stayed in 2 bedroom villas at both Bay Lake and Old Key West and both had 12 cup machines as did the studios we stayed in at the Poly and Saratoga Springs. Have fun!!

Thanks. Maybe I should ask a different question. This will first time staying at Beach Club. Is there a place a could just get a cup of coffee every morning there?

Yes, at the Marketplace. Very conveniently located towards the villa side, in the main building (down the hall from the lobby).