Two weeks to go!

Well we leave two weeks from Sunday for our first trip in 8 years. My wife and I are somewhat WDW veterans, given that we went to WDW a bunch of times together in the mid to late 2000s, with our last trip being in 2010. I do realize it’s a whole different experience now with FastPass+, Magic Bands, etc, and we are really looking forward to seeing what’s changed.

It’s also going to be a very different trip than our last one, in that back then we were married with no kids. This time wr go back with two boys, one almost 8 and the other just under a year. So while I’m mentally prepared for doing Disney with kids, I know it will be very different from our trips in the past.

I’ve been busy with work, so it only just hit me the other day. Our return to WDW is only in two weeks. I can’t wait to show our older son our favorite things, and see what types of attractions he enjoys most. I guess I don’t really have a question (TouringPlans and prior experience had prepped me well) - I just had to write about the excitement. Oh, and if anyone has any general tips/advice for someone in our situation (especially travelling with our 10 month old), feel free to share.


Woohoo!!! We have two weeks from tomorrow! We are beyond excited as this trip was originally supposed to happen last Nov but DD7 shattered her elbow three weeks beforehand. This is the first time we’ll be bringing DS4 (was supposed to be for his bday in Nov) and we can’t believe it’s finally happening.
Youngest I’ve taken is 3 so no 10 month advise and youngest I’ve flown with is 13 months so no help on that front. Good luck and have fun!

We leave Seattle next Friday, get to resort Saturday, and park days Sunday-Friday. We’ve been to DL several times, never to WDW. (Well, I went to MK and EP as a kid in the 80s, so it almost doesn’t count). Kids are 17, 14, 10.

If you’re flying: feed the baby at takeoff and landing, bottle, nursing, whatever will have him swallowing. It helps relieve air pressure. Unless of course you can get him to be asleep at those times, which is even better. =) Lollipops are good for the bigger kid to help with air pressure. I’ve never regretted packing a lollipop or two!

If you have a baby carrier (like an Ergo, moby wrap, etc.) put it in your carry-on. You never know when your stroller will end up missing. Try not to overload yourself with carry-ons and extra bags…one carry-on per person that they can carry themselves (except the baby of course) and your wife’s purse. Try not to have more than that…pack diaper bag things in a normal carry-on. When flying with kids/babies you want as little as possible.

In your carry-on pack an extra shirt for whoever will be holding him, a few more diapers than you think you’ll need, and 2-3 sets of clothes for him. And gallon-sized ziplock baggies to put wet/soiled clothes in. I’d say this advice is probably good for in the parks, too, and not just flying. I’d also make sure to pack in your carry-on a change of clothes or two and swimsuits for everyone so that if your bags don’t show up you’re not completely up a creek. If you’re checking bags then divide the clothes out so that some of each person’s clothes are in each bag. Then if one bag goes missing everyone still has something to wear, instead of one person having everything and one person having nothing.

My kids have been to like 13 countries and flown 60,000 miles or more. We are flying-with-kids pros. :smile: