Two single day tickets cheaper than one 2 day ticket

So, I was thinking of going to disneyland Jan 31 and February 1st. It seems two single day tickets are cheaper than 1 two day ticket. Any real reason to get a 2 day ticket, other than the convenience of not having to check in again?

I would triple check that. That doesn’t make sense.

But if you find it’s correct and you’re not overlooking anything, then no, no reason not to do it.

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It’s $750 for a 2 day ticket, and $351 and $306 for 2 single day tickets (for 2 adults one child)

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Something is wrong. Through UT, a two day park hopper for Disneyland is $307.


It has been too busy here for me to run through the pricing myself but I did think that seemed rather high

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I was quoting the price for 3 tickets (two adults and one child).

I just ran these tickets for 1/31 - 2/1/22 and your numbers are right.

I think the reason that it is cheaper to get single days is because you are going on the cheapest days that the 2-day ticket is valid for:

Here are the prices for Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th:

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In conclusion, I would buy two 1-day tickets.

Yeah, I mean that’s what I figured, it’s just weird, since I would have just booked a two day, without thinking about it. booking 2 separate tickets is even better because it add flexibility.

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