Two Sets of Magic Bands

We have a split stay with a one night visit preceeding our vacation package (all same resort). At first, I only saw one set of Magic Bands but now I’m seeing two. If I get two, will either one work (and we just have an extra set) or only the first one for the first night and then we’d have to switch?

Both will work. MBs are linked to your MDE account. So are your tickets and room. As long as you keep a MB set as “active” in your MDE, it will work the next week or year.

All bands should work unless you make them inactive in MDE

Magic Bands you got on your previous trips could work too

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Each magic band is a clone of each other so all of the magic bands you have should work as long as they haven’t been deactivated. I just used a magic band from my trip last year this past week. I know some people like to collect the whole set of colors so that they can color coordinate with their clothing each day.

Can’t believe I never thought of that :smile:

Thank you all! This is our first trip since Magic Bands have been introduced so I’m trying to make sure I understand everything!