Two room reservations for same dates

Can I hold two reservations for the same dates at different resorts? Due to some developments, we may have fewer people in our group, allowing us to only need 1 room. I currently have 2 rooms at same resort booked. If we have a smaller party, we will stay at a different resort. Is it possible to make two room-only reservations for the same dates and then cancel one resort as soon as we know our definite plans? I tried online and got the message that they couldn’t accept my reservation but to try again later. Is this a Disney website issue or a policy issue?

Yes, you can. I currently have 3 that overlap in late March/early April. One is for 3/27-3/30 at one resort, second is 3/30-4/4 at another (we are doing a split stay), and third is from 3/24-4/4 so that I could make all my ADRs on the same day, a few days early. I am guessing the website issue today is because they always have issues on Tuesdays it seems. Just try again.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Just to follow up. I apparently tried 6 times to book my 2nd reservation yesterday when I got the error message. b/c I just received 6 email confirmations that my Disney resort reservation was confirmed, complete with 6 confirmation numbers. :woman_facepalming: Note to self: never try to make reservations on Tuesdays.



Sorry! How many are showing in MDE? Hopefully just the last one …

oh, all 6!!! Which one should I keep? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


DH is wondering why I am laughing so hard right now!

Don’t suppose any of them have some pixie dust discount applied? They’re all exactly the same?

On a more serious note, have your card been charged for each one? I would check that out and then cancel 5 of them. But make sure you do them one at a time lol!

You really have made my day, absolutely priceless. :rofl: Please don’t be offended though, I mean it in a friendly way!

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Oh wow! Did they charge you 6 times as well?

Yep, I was charged all 6 times. The best part is on MDE, it says “please call to modify this reservation” so I can’t even cancel without calling!

Glad I could be some comedy for your Wednesday @Nickysyme. Now, off to search my calendar for a free day to call to sit on hold to cancel. :thinking:

Clever. So once you make your ADRs, do you cancel the one from 3/24 to 4/4? It’s clearly the Hokie in you that made you so smart :wink:

:rofl: Yes, I just cancelled it.

How soon before your stay do you need to cancel it to avoid being charged?

Room only reservations can be cancelled up to 5 days before arrival, so anytime before that.

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Oooh, that’s not so funny - charged 6 times? Yikes!

Hope you manage to get it sorted out fairly quickly.

Just to provide an update for more amusement…….
I called today to cancel 5 of the 6 reservations that were made when the website wasn’t working but apparently they were autocanceled. I can still see them listed as active in my MDE (on both computer and app) but the CM assures me that they are not active and they were autocanceled. I have not been refunded on my credit card however. She says it can take 5 business days so wait until the end of the week. Hmmmmmmm……
In other news, the room at that rate is no longer available for my entire stay. I will play around on the website to see whether I can piece a back-to-back stay together with the pin code rate. Again, I should not try to make reservations on Tuesdays–only 1 week later and I’ve already gone against my rule (don’t try to make reservations on Tuesdays). :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I actually felt distinctly un-amused when you said you were charged for all 5. And even less so now - if those were automatically cancelled, then the charges should have been refunded by now surely?

I think it was just that “Oh, all 6” response that had me spluttering tea over my iPad.

This stuff always happens to me. It is annoying to not be able to check the box on my to-do list that says “take care of all the Disney reservations” but hopefully it will all work out eventually. I was not offended that my plight was amusing btw.

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