Two "Poohs" going to UOR

DW and I both definately have "Pooh-like" physiques. I've heard that UOR is not as "forgiving" as Disney is regarding larger riders. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions, experiences regarding fitting (and NOT fitting) onto rides at UOR?

I used to be fairly Pooh sized I think (5'5' and nearly 200lbs - that counts as Pooh sized right?) and I went to universal at that size and rode everything with no bother - never felt like anything was a tight fit. Also, the big coasters like Hulk & Dragon challenge have an adapted row of seats for bigger riders. This was 9 years ago, so was before all the new Harry Potter stuff.

See post regarding a link for rides at Universal for larger guests. A good link from mr. Potato head.

Just remembered - my DM came to uni with us this Feb - she is about my height, but must be about 210lbs - she rode all the big coasters (except rip, ride, rocket - but not because of size, just did not like the look of it) and Harry Potter Forbidden Journey with no problems.

Despite my Liner name I am not pooh sized so can't speak from experience, but we went to Uni in March & we saw trial ride seats outside of a lot of the rides, so you can try before you even start to queue to see if it will be comfortable enough for you. We also noticed the adapted rows on coasters like DC.

I am most definitely pooh sized I am 5''7 and over 250 pounds . I have very little trouble getting on most rides. My weight is fairly evenly distributed and I am not at all top heavy but I had a hard time fitting onto the harry potter ride (The older one, islands of adventure) the top harness does not have a lot of room if you are big on top.
The hulk is never a problem,
Rip ride rocket and the mummy are a tight squeeze but not too bad, you can ask for an employee to help push down the lap bar if necessary.
Try not to get a middle seat on men in black as its hard to shoot when you feel squished.

Additionally the mummy rides ride vehicle placed outside the ride (test vehicle) is very misleading, my dad fit n the test vehicle but when he got up to the ride he did not fit. There isn't really any solution just be aware that that is a problem.