Two lake view studios at BLT or a 2 bedroom standard view at Kidani

Could use some input! Am planning an 8 night trip in Spring, 2023…thinking of renting points.

Split stay: 3 nights (Sat-Tues) at 2 bedroom standard view at Boardwalk. Epcot/HS days.

WWYD for the remaining 5 nights (Tues-Sun)?
2 bedroom standard view at Kidani vs. Two Lake View Studios at BLT. They would be almost same $$ (around $4K for the five nights).

Love the idea of being able to easily Rope Drop and do evening hours at MK. Also, I’m partial to views and high tower hotels like BLT. I don’t want to shell out another $1K+ at AKL to get a Savanah view., or another $1K to have a 2 bedroom option at BLT.

The vibe and food is right up our alley at Kidani. Saana is a must do on my list. HOwever, I keep reading about the LONG walks to rooms at AKL and I will have my Mom with me, along with my kddos.

The order is dictated by the evening extra magic hours with Epcot on Monday and MK on Wednesday. Otherwise I’d reverse, and stay at BLT 3 first 3 nights and Boardwalk 5 nights and cal it.

I would go for BLT due to its proximity to MK, especially since you will have your mom and kids with you. I love AKL but you can’t beat walking to MK with kids! Also, those hallways are long at AKL!

Blt absolutely. While I love the vibe at AKL, BLT convenience is everything. We did a 2br at jambo on points and liked it but only because we had a rental car (no parking fee if you rent points because “you” are dvc)

That MIGHT be hard to book? There are no dedicated 2 bedrooms at BWV. There will need to be a standard view studio and a standard view 1 bedroom (the studios can be tough, especially at busy times). Make sure if you are going through a rental company you have your request in early, and you might look at how much a preferred view will be, for planning purposes.

A standard view at BWV can be a competition.

Agree with @PT. You’ll get more availability in Garden View category than standard or BW view cats.

BLT is a great choice any way you slice it.

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It sounds to me like you’ve already decided on BLT based on your hotel style preferences, ability to walk to MK, and long walk at AKL-K; the only thing there you seem to like is the dining. We are happy to endorse your preference!

I would choose BLT every time. AKL is beautiful and maybe my favorite place to spend a night and resort day, or an AK day since is so close, but not if I was touring non-AK parks.

One thing to keep in mind (I didn’t see it mentioned) is one of space. BLT studios are some of the smallest studios on property. In case that could be a concern/issue for you. Two-bedroom options will give you considerably more space.

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I’m gonna be the rogue here but it is of course preference for you. Yes BLT is extremely convenient. I loved being able to walk to Mk from here and from AKL you really have to ride the bus which was not a very pleasant morning experience for us on Saturday getting to the park (but it was half marathon day) and coming home was easy for mom and me but the boys had to wait 20-30 min as they just missed a bus. However, I do not like the BLT style. I personally think there is nothing about it that says Disney to me. It just looks like any old fancy condo. While the rooms at AKL need a refurb I just could not get over my joy at watching animals every single day, it was clean, the beds were comfy and I loved having shared space with my family versus doing two rooms at Portofino the first part of our trip. So for family proximity and adorable animals I’d personally make the convenience sacrifice. It’s just more Disney over at AKL and really something special. Plus three frikkin bathrooms at Kidani! Not sure if you’ve stayed before but here are our pics from Friday - Tues.

And a little of the magic

  • edit. This is a standard view room (but they aren’t all this so it is luck of the draw)

Moving from a 2-bed to 2 studios would be hard. You’d find yourself missing the living space and kitchen. Or I would.

And as someone said, renting a standard view 2-bed at BWV would be almost impossible through a broker. Those usually go right on the dot and are often walked for that reason. A broker won’t facilitate walking (that’s where an owner books a week or several ahead of time and rolls it forward to the desired dates).

I did read that and looked at a room on you tube (looked at CC, Kidani, BLT and BWV)! Actually funny enough I really want to stay at AKL and my original pre covid plan was 3 nights BLT/5 nights AKL. That was built around EMM opportunities and xmas party events etc. ha! Nothing is relevant from my last plan other than I don’t think I’ll need park hoppers.

However, my kiddos are older and love the HS thrill rides and given ease of HS rope drop from BWV and added bonus of EP EMH for deluxe, it makes too much sense to stay there our first 3 nights (crossing fingers that EMH for Epcot stays Monday, which is a risky prop I know!)

It’s cheaper by $1k to get a 2 bedroom at AKL standard view vs lake view at BLT, but that would be off set a little by rental car (although Ubers add up). I will say I don’t love that the set ups for all Villa studios are queen/sofa. Even Hyatt Place manages to do two queen beds AND a nice couch sitting area.

I’m still debating cost savings of 2 studios vs a 2 bedroom, and thx to this forum updated my budget to include only preferred view rates at BWV given lack of inventory on standard (this, plus move to BLT) drove me to shave off the 8th night!

I thought about trying for 2 connecting regular rooms (using my now aged $912 AP that I never activated) and trying for an AP rate. Not sure I can manage stress if waiting for a good deal to drop and net/net they will be same total cost even with a good deal.

Anyway, being able to walk to 3 parks, especially as we will go to MK 2 days (1 afternoon) and then one RD days with a mid day break and return to park for EMH, staying at BLT is super attractive!

Out of curiosity, how is bus transportation to HS from BLT? I bet my kiddos will want to go back to HS on our last park day…meaning we will come from BLT. We wouldn’t rope drop so wouldn’t be in a rush.

Thx for advice.