Two hotel reservations - Fastpass question

So I have two hotel reservations, I added one night at the beginning of our trip due to cheaper flight cost and was able to use my credit card reward points for a night at one of the All Star resorts. Now I’m wondering will I be able to start booking all my fastpasses at the 60 day mark or will I have to wait until the next day to do the rest of the week?

As long as your tickets aren’t linked as a package to your second resort, you can make them for your whole stay at 60 days from check-in to the first resort.

You can only book them for as many days as are on your ticket.


I was able to book at the 60 Day mark of my 1st Hotel reservation and my tickets were bundled into my 2nd hotel reservation.

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Sometimes it does work. I think there is an issue around free dining and some other packages and those tickets.