Two Extra Days! What to do

So I got the opportunity to stay two extra days at Disney, for a total of 8 days, so of course I said yes! So now it’s deciding which parks…

Im going to be at MK for 4 days already. Im planning on one day AK and one day at HS. So I thought I would add Epcot and another HS day (as my first HS day is basically all Frozen events). What would you suggest for a 5 year old…

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What about a day just at the pool? We just got back from 6 days at Disney (7 really, but one was just leaving at 8:30 in the morning for home). The pool day was one of our favorites, and really gave our kids a chance to recharge, sleep in, and feel relaxed. In the afternoon we went to Downtown Disney to poke around stores and have an early dinner at T-Rex, one of our best meals all week. Going every day to the parks takes its toll on both parents and kids, I found. Or, perhaps you could do a 1/2 day somewhere (like HS) and see a couple of shows, do Toy Story Mania, and then see Fantasmic if you think your child wouldn’t be too scared. Some downtime is definitely worthwhile and almost necessary, especially if you plan to be at the parks before rope drop each day - it is exhausting!

Thanks @Ellen_Jones. I am planning on 4 hour breaks every afternoon, after beig at RD… as my kiddo is an early riser. However, my kiddo would love to do a pool day or a day at the water park!

My six year old loved the Wilderness Explorer badges at AK. We usually only do one day at AK and that is a partial day because we take an afternoon break and don’t go back in the evening. We added an extra morning there because he liked it so much and he wanted to go to back on our departure day too.

My two boys have always liked EP more than HS so we frequently spend extra time there.

I’d see what really grabs you and use the extra time to go back to what you like the best.

Have a great trip and yay for two extra days!

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Can you tell me more about Wilderness Explorers? This sounds interesting!

I think an Epcot day will be great. There is stuff there for kids, even a 5 year old. If she’s tall enough, Soarin’ is great. There’s also the Seas with Nemo and Friends, which she would probably enjoy. The various countries in Epcot have Kidcot Fun Stops that you guys could check out. You can also purchase a passport and get a stamp in every country, or buy a new piece of candy in each country to try later - that night at the hotel, or maybe when you get home. I really hope you guys enjoy Epcot.

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The kids are given a little book with things they have to do to earn “badges” which are stickers given out by CMs once they show them what they did on the page. For example, the Animal Find Badge has the kids circle all the animals they have seen. When you take the book back before you leave, they get the sticker. For the Safari Badge, you ride the Safari and fill in some info.

My son loves to collect things so collecting “badges” was right up his alley. I’d pick up a book and start it. If you like it great and if not there’s nothing lost. You do have to slow down a bit to do it but I Iiked that. It allows you to take in the details and learn a little more.

Here’s what the book looks like.

Here’s one of the badge pages.

I hope that helps!

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…adults who act like children can do this too, yes?

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Yes. I saw adults doing this last year when Abby and I were there. Heck, I’d do it. It is cute. If you get all the badges, I think they do a little announcement/ceremony to the crowds around you at your final check in stand. It is well done and I think really adds to AK if for no other reason than it slows you down enough to really take it all in.


I’d use the two extra days as a rest day and a waterpark day.