Two different parties, traveling together...rooms near

Is the only way to indicate to WDW that we need to be reasonably close to our friends while traveling to call?

We are both booked at SSR preferred deluxe rooms. We are on our points, and they are on gifted points. But we will have one rental car between us, so we want to make sure we preferably) in the same building or at least adjacent buildings. I don’t recall there being a way to indicate this without calling…but figured it is worth asking in case I missed it.

Yes. But not without calling.

Call guest services, provide your reservation information and a “travel with” number
Your friends can then also call and provide that number for their reservation
Or perhaps you can get on a three-way call and do it all in one motion.

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Okay. Kinda figured. A followup…do I call DVC member services, or just normal WDW guest services?

I believe I have their reservation number already somewhere. But it makes sense that they would do the same…but if this involves DVD member services, they wouldn’t be able to call.

try DVC chat first, I was able to do this for June 2023 travel and my friend and I got in the same building unit at Old Key West.


I think either would work, but they could do it via Guest Services even if you initiate it with DVC

Definitely Member Services since it’s a DVC points stay. CMs at Guest Services can’t access those reservations to add the request. Can your friend do it for you?

Are you sure? I was under the impression they might be able to see the reservation on MDE but not actually update it. The reservations are on a separate database, and what shows on MDE has to be changed through the DVC website.

I can do it for ourselves since we are on our own points. But they aren’t DVC and are using points gifted to them.

I guess when I call they can tell me if us doing it will be good enough or not.

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Sorry. You can call and tell MS that you are travelling with the other party and give their reservation number. Your friends would need to ask whoever is gifting them their points to do the same.

Only the owner can make that request, for safety reasons.

This is the first I hear of this, honestly

Notes are made on reservations numbers by guest services all the time, and I am surprised they can’t update notes regardless of booking type

but perhaps it’s a thing

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