Two days two parks which day for each

We have two days in Universal, staying Royal Pacific so have front of line passes. Mon and Tues Feb 17th and 18th. Both parks are 9 on Mon and 8 on Tues. Suggestions on which is better park on which day?


Both. :slight_smile:

If you have Park-to-Park tickets, be sure to take the train in the WWOHP in both directions. So, spend part of each day in both parks. :slight_smile:

Probably doesn’t matter which you do first, unless you want to be a purest for the sake of HP and start out in Diagon Alley…in which case, start at Universal.

Thanks, it’s what I figured since both are the same level I’ll try and figure which park has more attractions we are interested in and do that on the less busy day.

We opted for non-park to park this time around. We did the train on the last trip and decided it wasn’t worth the extra for the p to p this time.