Two days at MK and skip HS?

Oh the indecision!!!
So the more I look at our plans, the more I’m questioning if I want to spend a day at HS at all. We aren’t into the Star Wars stuff… kids are 6 and 2… hubby wasn’t a fan of HS last trip at all and I wouldn’t be heartbroken to skip it. I really think we need more than one day in MK. Originally planned to do an extra afternoon/evening for the MNSSHP but have decided it’s not worth the money to us.

So the questions I want opinions on – should we skip HS and do two days in MK? And if so, would you choose a shorter MK day and leave at 7 when the MNSSHP starts and have crowd levels of 5 or do a full day with crowd levels at 8? It’s an EMH night, so park will be open way later than we can hang. I expect my kids to crash by 10 at the absolute latest each night.

With kids that age and with HS in its current half-park state, I recommend you skip it and do the extra day at MK. That way you should have time enough over 2 days to hit everything you “must do” and maybe even do/see some things twice.


Every fam is different. If you and yours won’t miss HS, then don’t go. Do what’s best for you. We love HS, and wouldn’t even contemplate not spending a day and a half there, but that’s us. If the kids are up early, I’d rope drop the MNSSHP day and hope for low crowds. Then leave for a nice, chill dinner.

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I think that with those ages and that you aren’t interested in Star Wars, you are better off with a 2nd MK day. My husband and I are die hard Star Wars fans but when we took our toddler this fall we skipped HS. It broke my heart a little, but he wouldn’t have been interested and there is so much more to do at MK. I would also recommend doing an early day on the MNSSHP day. That is what we did as well and the crowds are quite nice during the day. Just try to be gone before 4ish or do a 5pm character meal or something and plan to kind of fight crowds on your way out. That’s the only downside is that the party crowd starts streaming in at 4.

I would totally give up a day at HS to do another at MK.

I would opt, too, for the shorter day. Either head back early for a TS reservation or hang poolside with some QS dinner.

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I’d give up the DHS. I would NOT recommend going on a party day, especially on a short trip. Technically MK is open until 7:00, but they start “encouraging” people to leave at 6:00, and it starts to get unpleasantly crowded after 4:00.

If you’ve been to HS before, then you know what it’s like. Personally, we thought it was fun (couple in our 40’s no kids) but we love Star Wars, Pixar, and the Muppets. We also didn’t have a choice but to go as we had the 4-Park tickets. :slight_smile:

When Star Wars land is complete and after it’s calmed down a bit (which should probably be around 2020) we might even go back and ONLY go to HS that trip and maybe Universal that trip. :slight_smile:

What’s funny about that statement, is when I first read it I was thinking "yeah, really it will probably be that long until it calms down "- thinking 2020 was a decade away! However, then I realized it won’t even open until 2019, so 2020 is only a year after it opens. It won’t have calmed down by then! It will probably be a good few years before it calms down. But my plan is to return shortly after it opens - with a good Touring Plan in-hand!

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Yeah, 2020 might be a bit optimistic, but who knows. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Toying around with touring plans I think we can do the second day on a MNSSHP day and finish up everything we want by 5 or so. Now to just decide how to spend that evening… maybe a good night for Disney Springs or just enjoying the pools!

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Where are you staying? Outdoor movie night?

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Art of Animation
Great idea!

We have and will skip HS in favor of multiple MK days. With kids that age, we often get wilted by 3 or 4 if we don’t take a mid-day break. Don’t underestimate how much of an attraction the pool at the hotel can be - we’ve had trouble dragging DS to the park when all he wanted to do was hit the pool. So I think you’ve definitely got it covered with a half day and some pool time.

DHS is my least favorite park with my favorite ride (ToT) but with a 2 and a 6 year old who can’t ride ToT (the six year old probably could if they like that sort of thing) I’d definitely prefer two days in MK.