Two contracts, one trip

I hope you will too! They are very similar contracts, low point, 2042.

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You still have to be careful. The contract with BWV is only through 2042, which means under 20 years. When I do the math, assuming a trip about every 2 years, it doesn’t necessarily save you a lot of money, apart from the inflationary rise of point rental.

For us, it was worth it to know we can book at 11 months at BWV at least some of the time. But as the years tick down on those 2042 resorts, the financial benefit of buying there becomes less and less attractive. I think we’ll probably start to see the resale point value continue to drop as a result.

I do wonder at what point Disney will make any decisions about possibly offering extensions those resort contracts.


I am suoer happy to niwnhave a March and a September UY so I get points twice a year, evenly spaced.

But sitting on these BCV points until Decemeber 2025 is going to be painful…


Yoiu and I did the exact same calculus. It seems awfully impractical for either of us. I would never have bought a large number of points, this was the “just right” pain threshold for gaurenteeing a BCV stay every other year until 2042.

And hopefully some good incentives down the road!


Congratulations, Ryan!

:slight_smile: Thanks.

If they do then they will have to work out the process with their lawyers. As far as I’m aware they haven’t been able to sort out the mess with OKW.

I think there are 3 issues:

  1. it’s possible that those owners who didn’t extend and didn’t sign a quit-claim (or where the paperwork has been lost) will still have legal rights to ownership until 2057.
  2. There’s also ambiguity over whether they can tear down and rebuild if someone still owns a deeded share of that particular building, although I suspect that’s an easier problem.
  3. What happens to maintenance fees after the last scheduled refurb? Those whose contracts end in 2042 will argue they shouldn’t be having to pay into the capital reserves that are used for future refurbs. So although that also covers unforeseen expenditure, should those owners pay only that part? And then how do they raise enough to rebuild / remodel after 2042?

I don’t think extensions will happen.


@ryan1 , congratulations on the offers being accepted. And fingers crossed for ROFR being waived. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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The problems are real but I’ll think they’ll figure something out. Maybe not extension per se. But it’s in everyone’s best interest that the properties continue on in some form. OKW is it’s own mess, but they have the opportunity to get it right with the other resorts.

One way to do that will be to just sell new contracts and perhaps give a discount or first rights to existing owners, rather than directly extending.


If no extensions, then what do you think will happen when the contracts are coming to an end?

What was the original term, 50 years? Think they will do it the same?

Just curious on the subject. I mean 2042 is still 19 years away, lol. But I’ve be mathing myself lately and trying to figure out what makes sense long term. I’m leaning to OKW but would love to do what Ryan did with a smallish contract at BWV. Both have a shorter life than Poly- my other contender. I would love BR but I look at the rooms and feel they are the least upscale of the DVC properties.

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My BWV “ownership interest” expires on 1-31-2042. I have 18 more years of points.


Two 25-point contracts, gives us 50 pts/year. if we book at BWV every 2 years, we have 100 pts to work with. This will get us roughly 4 nights in a 1 bedroom (based on when we would likely go)…or more if we do the studio route. So, we can split stay using our SSR points (120 pts/year).

We love both resorts…but the convenience of BWV to HS and EP (our two favorite parks) means that on a longer trip, we can focus our HS and EP nights on the days we are at BWV. And…if we get lucky, I could book more nights at BWV using SSR pts at 7 months…but that’s no guarantee. So the small point contracts at BWV will guarantee we can get SOMETHING at BW! :slight_smile:

We are kind of thinking our schedule will be a trip about every 18 months on points…but if we find we are perfectly okay with the Studios, then we could go more often if we wanted. Our first stay in a studio on our points will be happening in March at SSR.


Even less :confused:

This is what matters to me. I love popping into the festivals for a long weekend. I’ve yet to find availability renting points when I look. If I have points I would book and lock myself in. I can pretty much make any long weekend work with enough notice.

The only issue I have with a studio is if it has 2 dedicated beds in the room. I don’t mind a sofa or murphy bed. I think most do not but some still do. Will have to look into this more. That makes a big difference to me as I’ll probably book studios more often than not for shorter trips. We can do RT on Southwest for under $150pp usually. I’ve realized I’m happier doing 2-3 shorter trips oer year vs 1 longer trip every 1-2 years.

I’m pretty sure that the DVC side of resorts (almost) all have a bed and separate murphy bed or pull-out couch, rather than two beds. Not for sure on that, though.

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I think we would, too, if it wasn’t for the travel costs. Driving is a big time constraint, and flying is expensive. But if money weren’t an issue, I’d probably do two shorter trips a year instead as well!

BTW, I don’t know if you are aware of it…but I used this site to find the contracts I wanted. It is a single site where they query all the different DVC resale sites into one. You can set up a specific filter and they will send you updates if you want. That’s how I found out about these two BWV contracts almost immediately, without me having to check each of the sites separately.


Lucky to have cheap flights! I can book RT southwest for under $150 pp if I plan it right. Our trip in less than a week is costing around $200 pp and that is flying back with an anytime fare for express security line. Since early bird chech in is included with the fare it was about $120 more for all 4 tickets. And Ive been in that security line late afternoon in MCO. TOTALLY worth it with a 2 yr old in tow.

I did not!!! This is awesome- thank you! I’ve been making a spreadsheet once a week by going to the 6 top sites. Time consuming. This will definitely help. :smiley:

They will probably offer existing owners at the resort in question a sweetener deal on buying points at either the new resort once it’s rebuilt / had a major refurb, or at another new DVC resort.

And by sweetener deal, I mean an even better incentive than all DVC owners get to add on at a new resort. “Magical Re-openings” or “Magical New Beginnings” perhaps.