Two bedroom villa or two rooms?

We are going with 5 adults one child next October. Should we book two rooms club level at poly or a two bedroom villa at bay lake? I think it may be cheaper to do villa?

I would do a side by side cost comparison and also consider how you want to vacation.

A 2br villa will come with a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and full laundry, as well as common gathering space that is private to your villa

Club level will come with some food and drinks provided, a shared gathering space (club level lounge) and the opportunity to purchase extra FPP. I would lean very lightly on the FPP as a factor si.nce we don’t know what the coming months hold in terms of how crowds will be managed and if FPP will factor (or be necessary)

I personally would take the 2br villa over 2 separate rooms. It will be more like having a vacation home (because it is) than having two hotel rooms. You’ll have more overall space and I would be the cost will be less. Plus the full kitchen and laundry would be nice as well.


I too would pick the 2 bedroom. I don’t think any of us know what the lounge will look like in the future. I honestly was not impressed with the offerings in the past (compared to other club levels).

The full kitchen and laundry win for me.


Another thought: the villa has a full size fridge. September 2019 hurricane Dorian did a fly by, closing most of WDW for an evening. We ordered Dominos and loved having the space to store the leftovers.
We also like to travel light. We were using the laundry machines at least every other day.
We’ve done a few 2 bedrooms. Haven’t done club level - neither FPs or snacking are our thing.


Your own laundry. To me maybe the biggest perk for the accommodations that have them. Especially if you’ll have additional concerns now about communal laundry rooms.

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I’d look at the beds and anticipated sleeping arrangements. For us, we spend very little time in our room. I prefer the studios over 1 or 2-bedrooms because of the extra twin bed in many of the studios. It would be nice to have a kitchen etc., but I’d prefer better sleep over the convenience of the kitchen and laundry. Our boys can sleep in separate beds in a studio. When I looked earlier this year we would lose the twin with the 1-bedrooms (it was a king plus double or queen sleeper sofa). You could still get a twin in the second bedroom if it is the 1-bedroom plus studio combo, but I think it depends on the resort. I wasn’t looking at Poly or Bay Lake so can’t speak to those two.

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We have done two separate rooms at the Poly as well as a 2 bedroom villa at AKL for our traveling party of 8. I will echo what others have said about laundry and extra living space being nice however we aren’t big hang-out-in-our-room people and were perfectly fine in the two room setup. Had we had more time in the room I’d have preferred the villa for sure. In unit laundry is always a plus because kids.

Bay Lake has the sleeper chair in the living room. Youngest much prefers that to the queen sleeper sofa, which is just as well as his elder brother won’t fit in the sleeper chair.

Kidani and Bay Lake have the extra bathroom in the 1&2 beds. That’s a plus in their favour.


Are there only lock offs at BLT? I looked at the David’s walkthrough and they only have lock offs.

No there are plenty of dedicated 2-beds.

It’s BWV where thee are only lock-offs.

It must just be David’s walk throughs

If DVC, go with 2 BR for all the reasons stated above. If booking direct, 2 studios is generally much cheaper (but more expensive than DVC rentals of either variety). Villas are not fairly priced for booking direct since they’re held for DVC reservations. Just something to keep in mind.

I actually just priced out per night in September. The two bedroom is about $1500 a night and the CL is $900 per room?

Does that sound right?

The DVC rooms available for people to book through Disney just like CBR or WL, are not part of the same inventory as those available to members.

They are priced high because … primarily I guess because they can fetch that price. The rack rate for studios are usually more than a regular room at the non-DVC part of the resort.So a Poly studio is more than a regular Poly room etc.

A 1-bed for cash is actually more fairly priced as a cash room than the equivalent “points cost”. In points, a 1-bed is twice the rate of a studio. In cash it’s more like 1.5 times as much.Which is why if we want a few more days in a 1-bed we just do the DVC discounted rate which is less than the cost to rent one.

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Yes that is what I had too. Seems cheaper to do villa

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Yes, with those numbers I would definitely get the two bedroom. I would only book Poly CL if it saved money.

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