Two bedroom at Riviera

Just booked a two bedroom at Riviera and wondered about the differences between a lock off vs not. Anyone have insight into these rooms?

Also, we reserved the standard view room. Any other recommendations for this type of room? We thought requesting a high level room will allow us to see the Epcot fireworks.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Lockoff is a 1BR connected to a studio. This gives you two separate entrances, a kitchenette as well as a full kitchen, and an addition full bathroom

A 2BR has one entrance, a full kitchen, and two bedrooms

A lockoff is a 1 bedroom with an adjoining studio as thre second bedroom. The biggest differences are that the lockoff will have 2 exterior doors and an extra mini fridge and microwave, and it will have 1 dedicated bed and a sofabed (some studios have an extra Murphy bed as well) in thrme studio bedroom, while the dedicated 2 bedroom has only 1 exterior door and the second bedroom is like a regular hotel room, with 2 dedicated beds and a bathroom.

Thanks for the responses. So what I gather, besides the two doors and Murphy vs second queen bed, there are no significant differences, correct!

For the standard view, are there some better room numbers than others?

Thanks again!

I actually heard the standard view at night was a better view since it faces EP?


Correct… the living room/kitchen and king bedroom/ bath will be the same.

Some people prefer the lockoff configuration because some of them now have the twin size murphy (nor all resorts have this yet), but others dislike it because A. the second queen isn’t a dedicated “real” bed (though I expect that will be less a problem with the murphys vs. sofabeds), and B. people who will have children unsupervised in the second room may not like that they have an exterior door, or that they can lock the adjoining door.


That’s what I have heard too

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