Two AKL breakfast questions

We’re doing a studio at Kidani (renting DVC points) in May. If we wanted to do bowls of cereal with milk in the room for breakfast, should we order paper/plastic bowls and spoons? Or are plates, bowls, flatware, etc. provided in the kitchenette? This site says that there are only 4 paper plates and bowls provided, so I’m guessing that we’ll need to buy more.

Also, if we wanted to do some kind of baked good for a change of pace, could we pick up something like a muffin at the Mara the evening before? Or do they only sell breakfast stuff at the bakery in the morning?

You can request more plates and bowls from Mousekeeping, so no need to buy your own.

Mara sells muffins in the evenings too, so picking some up the evening before is a good plan. We’ve done this a couple of times. :slight_smile:


As @lecras said you can ask for more bowls. You can get baked goods at the Mara, but you can also get them at Sanaa in the morning. There is a QS breakfast and a grab and go area. Enjoy!

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And the resort shop in the Kidani lobby also has a selection of various food items, including muffins etc. And there‘s a drinks refill station there too.

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Awesome! That tidbit will save me from having to walk over to Jambo House. Thanks!