Two ADR's in one evenng

Hi! My ADR window opens 4/29. For one of our days I’d love to make a dinner ADR at Hollywood Brown Derby for dinner and then a late night ADR for Oga’s Cantina for drinks later in the evening. Will I be able to make both?

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You should be able to as long as the times don’t overlap. I’ve had 2 evening ADRs in the past for the same night.

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Do you still need at least an hour between them?

Last time I did it, yes. Someone who has done it in the past year will have to confirm- but it was always at least an hour between for me. You get an error and it asks you to cancel one if there’s not an hour between.

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For our Savi’s and Oga’s there is definitely not an hour between. Dining could be set differently but then I think we are giving Disney IT way too much credit :laughing:


It used to be that you needed to do the two tab booking or through the reservation finder to get around the hour requirement?

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That unfortunately no longer works