TVs In Mirrors Being Removed From Grand Floridian Villas

My kids saw a video of a tour of the one bedroom Villas at Grand Floridian that featured the TV in the bathroom mirror and they went crazy for the idea… we checked in yesterday and there is none.

It appears they are renovating the Villas and one of the things they took out was the TV behind the mirror and they are not replacing that feature.

Be warned


Thanks for the warning.

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Wow, I didn’t realise the refurb had started at GFV yet. I assumed they’d start with the conversion of the resort rooms to the new DVC studios first so they could start selling them.

I have read they are doing one floor at a time.

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They are doing it one floor at a time. They started on 6th floor and just completed 5th floor.

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How was the Murphy bed?

Great! My kids didn’t complain a bit and I have to say the mattress was VERY comfortable.

They screwed us on our lake view room we paid for so they stuck us with a parking lot view but are now moving us to a courtyard view. I’m not amused.

Between this and the sh!tshow Genie+ is it’s not a good start to the visit


I am so sorry! I hope things turn around!

It’s a very disappointing first day.

Genie+ is a mess. You can’t pick a time, you basically have to take whatever timeframe it gives you. So you can’t book something for 1-2:00 early in the morning to fit your plans, you get what you get when they want to give it to you and can’t change it.

Plus they admitted to me that they’ve had a lot of technical problems today


LL for G+ has been like that since the beginning (though clearly not a guest friendly feature).

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This is an understatement. It takes so much to figure it out and make it work for you. It’s nearly impossible. I really hope your trip improves soon!


I think their tech has been failing all week.


Way to kind … its more like years IMHO




I used to be able to go online, price out resorts, search for ADRs, look for info on extras. Years ago their systems were dependable and functioned like most companies that rely on millions of customers booking through their websites throughout the year.

I feel like I should have started this post with “once upon a time”….


Ha ha ha. I’ve been trying to upgrade our tickets to park hopper for two days multiple times a day on different browsers and the app. “We had to Duck out” when I hit submit on trying to pay every time.

I tried to add the boys to my room reservation. Partially thru it just gives me an empty page.

I cannot book dining from a regular browser. Only incognito mode.

I have no words for how frustratingly bad their tech is.


Try being in the UK! not allowed to access the tip boiard from here on the app!

and if you want to book savi, lightsaber and other(seemingly random) ‘events’ ypu need a VPN set up to make it think your in USA then it works otherwise it doesnt… no reason for UK guests not to book any off this of course.


(drags out soapbox)

I’m no one to defend any organization’s bad service resulting from badly-implemented technology, but as someone needing twofour turntables and a microphone to keep his company’s high-larious technology running, I am reflexively defensive.

Anyone wanting to know how DISNEYITWHARRGARBL ended up as fragmentary and error-prone as it is must read the six-year-old but still salient Forbes article about the NextGen rollout. Your link: The Messy Business Of Reinventing Happiness.

The Shorter™: it suffered from the sadly common problems attendant to all large projects with a large budget: everyone wanted in, the scope crept beyond reason, VPs and managers relied on “because I said so,” and no one wanted to do the hard, boring, expensive work of project planning.

Pro tip: there’s a reason no one builds cars, airplanes, or bridges using “scrum,” “agile,” or any of the galaxy-brained methods currently afflicting software development.

Read, as the kids say, the whole thing.


The last couple of times we stayed there they didn’t work. The TV in the mirror only work on our first visit when they first opened.


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