Tusker House River of Light Package - when do we book what?

So looking over my plans for 180-day ADR mayhem and we’d like to have supper at Tusker as part of the ROL Dining package.

But I see on the Disney website that the River of Light timings aren’t posted until about 3 months in advance.

So can I even get an ADR for the ROL dining package at 180 days?
Do I get an ADR just for Tusker House at 180-days out and then “add on” ROL at 3 months out?
Do I just wait until 3 months out and book the dining package in one fell swoop?

(And Thanks in advance)

We did a ROL dining package for lunch. We were there in early June so it was a nice break from the heat. The packages aren’t always loaded right away and you can’t just change an ADR to the package so just be patient if it isn’t available on your ADR day. Keep checking.

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To add on to this, while it almost certainly will become available, I’d still book whatever backup ADR you’d want if they don’t have ROL dining packages available that day for some reason and then just cancel it when you are able to book the package.


I didn’t expect the ROL package to be available at 180 days out for me but it was. So still look for it.


Thanks! I really appreciate the great advice!

Is the Rivers of Light package a buffet at the Tusker house?

Tusker House is always a buffet - ROL package or not.

Thank you, I was excited but then realized Rivers of Light won’t be showing when we are there.

Really? I thought it was every night! When are you there?

May 12, I just added it to my touring plans and when I tried to optimize it told me to remove it because it was not showing

My guess is just not loaded yet - especially if the ADR system is offering the dining package. It is not showing on the WDW calendar for my trip but I most definitely have a Dessert Party reservation.

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If I remember correctly, I booked the Tusker House RoL package 180 days in advance. It didn’t have a showtime listed, only “1st showing” or something similar.


I just went on the Disney World website and searched for “Rivers of Light: We Are One Dining Package.” It is bookable through September 6, and once you select a time it will say “Donald’s Dining Safari Breakfast at Tusker House Restaurant - ROL 1st Viewing.”


I did look at breakfast on the May 12th date and it does not show availability for that meal. I only searched for 2 people, but it does seem weird as it is usually available.

Yeah, I did notice that not all dates were clickable.

So I have a ROL package with a Tusker lunch as well. I am just a bit confused, so this mean I can only pick 2 fast passes or I can still pick 3? What time do we need to be at ROL since we have this package? What does it entail?

It does not count as one of your FP. You can still book 3.

We did the ROL package with lunch at Tiffins in January. I believe our email confirmation had details but I’ve since deleted it. The notes I copied to my TP say “Plan to arrive 15-35 min before show time. Use theater entrance located closest to DinoLand.” We got vouchers at lunch that confirmed the details.

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cool, thank you!

At the meal, our server gave us paper passes for ROL, so it won’t affect your MDE plans at all. They also say what time to arrive. The dining package entrance is across from the Finding Nemo theater in DinoLand as @amvanhoose mentioned (totally separate from standby and fastpass+ entrances).

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