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One thing that drives me crazy about Disney’s seasonal pricing is that I can never figure out exactly how much I will be paying for a buffet/character meal. I am planning on bringing the family to Tusker House for our February trip but the WDW website lists a $30-60 price range for adults for both lunch and dinner. Has anyone been recently who can tell me how much it actually cost?

I had the same question before our trip in March. We didn’t end up making an ADR there (boo) so I can’t say for sure, but the answers I got were that it is around $30-$35 per adult unless you book for a special seasonal meal (like Christmas dinner or something) in which case it is the $60

We (2 Adults) were at Tusker House the first week in December, 2013 for a 1:30 pm lunch. I am sure we paid $35 per person. I thought the service was above average, the food very good and Donald almost jumped for joy when he saw my Donald Duck earrings! Next time I go to WDW, I am going to make a record of some kind for food expenses. I did that for our 1985 trip when the 4 of us stayed for 5 nights at the Poly, did all the parks and tons of other stuff for $1500, And that, my friends, is a topic for a whole other thread!


Thanks. That makes a lot of sense about the holiday meal now that you mention is, @Pooh2412. I just wish Disney was more explicit on their website! I was thinking about our last trip and we went to Hollywood and Vine for the character lunch and if I remember correctly that was about $35 per adult but that was also right before Pres. week. Thanks again!

For 3 adults and 1 kid for breakfast it was $116 tip included.

Not sure if that helps…

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@DisneyFanInAlbany I found the breakdown & posted it here:

Awesome link. Just found and thought I would bump for anyone else interested

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