Tusker House PreRD- Is it worth it?

I have a 8:00am ADR for Tusker House. We also have an ADR for Jedi Mickey’s for dinner that day. I am wondering if doing both is too much or too redundant with many of the same characters.

I am also wondering if being in Animal Kingdom before the park opens is as big of a deal as PreRD for Crystal Palace in MK? My touring plan is showing the first ride we should ride is Everest or Kali, so I am not sure if being in the park early helps at all.

Thanks for your opinions!


I usually opt for either PreRD or a 10:30am ADR for Tusker House. The characters are in safari wear. The breakfast food options are delicious and are a great variety. It’s my DS(11)'s favorite meal and will eat there despite it being a character meal (cuz he’s at that phase where it’s not cool right now). The 10:30 breakfast usually can afford you the chance to also enjoy some of the lunch options as they change over the selections.

Jedi Mickey will obviously be Star Wars themed. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Chip and Dale make an appearance there too and they are not at Tusker House.

I think it would be cool to see the characters dressed up differently in one day.

Pre-RD at AK is a perfect way to be right near Safari when the park opens. We often do Safari first since it’s bumpy but won’t bother our stomachs like EE or Kali would right after a meal. I would do the Pre-RD breakfast and RD the safari. Then fastpass EE or Kali for sometime after.

have fun!!

I am planning on using FP for the Studios in the afternoon. I have tried to optimize the plan to do the Safari first, but it adds to our total plan time.

ahhh gotcha. that changes things then. what happens to your plan if you do the late breakfast? you could RD EE, head over to safari, go eat and then head back to Kali.

I hesitate to Kali early because it can still be chilly in the mornings and you DO get wet. So air drying can be a little uncomfortable.

but in May/June you can have some pretty warm mornings.

@mh002001 This is just me but the TH pre-RD is the best early ADR on property. Coming across the bridge to Harambe is my favorite thing ever.

I love Tusker House pre-RD breakfast. The park is beautiful and peaceful pre-crowds, the food is delicious, and the character interaction is great.

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I haven’t tried the Tusker House breakfast, so I can’t comment on that, but did try the Star Wars dinner at Hollywood & Vine last year and it was fun. If you’re planning to have the Star Wars experience the in Studios, then seeing characters in those costumes is worthwhile. I wouldn’t consider that redundant.

@DarthDopey is right, that Chip and Dale do appear for a photo op as you enter Hollywood & Vine. They don’t walk around the restaurant and meet with diners like the other characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy), but you do get your picture taken with them dressed as Ewoks.

Tusker House before park opening is one of my favorite ADR’s. Animal Kingdom is amazing to see when it is empty. We won’t be doing it this trip in May, but that’s because I am going to do a late dinner there since they are offering the characters for dinners now as well (starting soon I think). Get some pics walking out instead of in.
I also have the Jedi Mickey meal, but it’s a different day obviously, so I am super excited about that too.

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I know that when we went in November, our PTP said it would be a 19-minute wait for KS at 9am, but we walked out of TH at 8:55am, and were the second family to walk on KS… couldn’t even load a wait time for it since it was technically before RD. Not to knock RD wait times, but if you’re ahead of the crowd, they can be way off.

Also, TH was FABULOUS… definitely recommend it! drool-worthy! :slight_smile:

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