Tusker House PPO ADR

Does TH allow you to check in early for a PPO ADR? We currently have one for 8:20 and have a res finder set up for an earlier time but no luck so far.

Following; I have an 815 and wouldn’t mind getting started a few minutes early.

I found some other threads (here and elsewhere) that suggested they do allow it, but I’ve also found threads where people said it was busy even PPO.

I haven’t found clear advice on TH either. It seems to be fairly standard practice for places like GG and BOG but I’m unsure of how universal this is across the entire park.

My guess is that it’s up to the CMs and depends on the situation. If things are slow and there are open tables and you get there a few minutes early it seems odd that they’d make you wait. If you get there early and it’s slammed then they’ll probably make you wait.

Until someone chimes in with the One True And Undisputed Rule That You Can Always Count On, I’m basing my TP around the assumption that I don’t get sat before 815 and it takes 90 minutes to get out. The plan works but is a bit tight. If things go better, we’ll stop and smell the roses and have extra time for snacks.

I have not tried this at TH. I have tried at Bomba and Le Cellier. I arrived with a party of 2 at bomba about 15-20 minutes early and we had a very short wait and were able to be seated early. It was busy, but it was May so not peak season. We went to Le Cellier last THanksgiving week and again arrived early. They were not able to accommodate us early. In Fact they informed us they were running over an hour behind. They told us once we checked in we had to stay in the immediate area to hear our name called. So we left came back after looking at stores near by and started our wait. Since they were running far behind, I knew we would miss our fast pass and the manager provided us with a new fast pass to use. we ended up being seated sooner than the hour but way past or reservation time. I agree that likely not a hard and fast rule and more based on capacity, whose working, and who else may be waiting.

@sethpetryjohnson, I think I like your plan. My goal with this ADR is to RD KS but I think I’ll just snag a early FP for it instead and that way we won’t feel the need to feel rushed at breakfast.