Tusker house late breakfast

I just got a RoL TH breakfast reservation for 10:45. (The park opens at 9 am) We are really looking forward to having a brunch at the restaurant. My understanding is that they switch from breakfast to lunch at 11 am. If we arrive for 10:45 will we be able to have breakfast foods or just the lunch buffet? Should I try for an earlier reservation say 10:15 or 10:30?

10.45 is fine. We had a 10.30, but when we left at 11.20 there was still breakfast food out. You can always show up a little early if you’re concerned.

Thank you I was worried it would have been put away.

No it’s very gradual. If they are going to offer 10.45 breakfast reservations, they have to make sure there is breakfast for you to eat!

We did that yesterday with a 10:40 reservation and it worked great! Got there at 10:35, seated at 10:55. Lunch change started around 11 but there were still a few breakfast items available when we left later. We really enjoyed it and would do that time again, but if you want breakfast I don’t think I would any later than 10:45. That or 10:30 would work perfectly :slight_smile: