Tusker House dinner

Hi ! I was wondering if the characters are still there for dinner at tusker house ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes! All three meals have characters! Enjoy!

Thank you :slight_smile: !!

Out of crazy curiosity, why does my dinner reservation say “Tusker House Restaurant Dinner” and my lunch or breakfast one say “Donald’s Dining Safari Lunch at Tusker House Restaurant” in my mde account? I just don’t want to steer my brother and nieces wrong. Thanks PT, I think that is totally right, but I wish it did have Donald Dining Safari on my dinner reservation. Thanks!

I think that is just left over from when they did not have dinner reservations. For years AK was not open late enough for Tusker to offer dinner.

We ALWAYS end our day at Animal Kingdom at the Tusker House, we also try to get the latest reservation possible for two main reasons.

  1. The restaurant is less crowded and you get a ton more time with characters
  2. The park is usually closed when we finish dinner and to walk around animal Kingdom with no one around is pretty darn awesome.
    oh and here is an extra
  3. If you get hungry earlier than your reservation, it’s okay, they have always been more than willing to seat us early if we’ve asked and that’s even on days that were a 9 out of 10 crowd levels.
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