Tusker House breakfast wait to be seated

We have a breakfast reservation at Tusker House at around 10:30 am. Will we have to wait a really long time to be seated? I’m hearing varying accounts. Does it help to show up earlier (like 10:15?) The CL according to TP is 3/10 for that day but not sure if that matters in regards to ADRs.

We have eaten there around 10:30am many times. Some trips we are seated within a few minutes, but usually it is more like 10-20 minute wait. We usually only arrive a few minutes before the ADR, so can’t speak to whether showing up early will help you. We love Tusker House brunch, getting breakfast and lunch options for the breakfast price is well worth the wait to be seated. Enjoy!

We were seated immediately for our 10.30 ADR, we arrived a couple of minutes early. Only done it once though.

We just ate there for lunch and arrived early. They immediately told me they were behind and delay would be 20 min. I asked 20 min delay from now or from adr time and was told 20 min from adr time. So coming early didn’t seem to make a difference. However we did end up getting called earlier than front desk told us so they really do not know Depends on how fast a family ahead of you eats and how fast tables are cleared. We had pretty good luck this trip and never waited more than 10 min and many times were seated right away. We were a party of 6 and were here 8 days with at least 2 ADRs each day