Tusker House Breakfast or Lunch

Would you choose a pre-RD reservation or a lunch reservation at Tusker House? The lunch menu looks more interesting, but it might be good to get into the park earlier. I’m torn. Thoughts/Opinions?

This is our first time at WDW. Well, I’ve been before, but not since I was younger and I’ve never been to Animal Kingdom before.

Choose both! If you make your reservation for 10:30 am, the first time through the buffet breakfast will be plentiful. As you get closer to 11, lunch will start coming out. You get both meals. We like to do this on a day with 8am EMH. Then you get prime touring from 8-10:30 and then a fabulous brunch. We much prefer later meals to pre-RD. If I can make it to a park by 8, I want to be riding rides, not eating. Otherwise I might as well sleep in :smile:.


Seriously, if this becomes a ROL package option, it will be the holy grail of ADRs!!

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I second the 10:30 am brunch option. We did that last time we went. We were able to get the prime touring in, hitting all of the headliners before the rush of people. By the time we were seated we had worked up a nice appetite and the rest was nice. We experienced some wonderful breakfast and lunch options. We are planning a similar ADR for our trip in September because we liked it so much!

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Great! Thanks!