Tusker House - B, L, or D?


We are trying Tusker House this trip but debating which meal. What do you suggest?


We’ve had breakfast there and it was great! We had the last breakfast slot, so it was around 10:30.


Never had B or L but the Dinner buffet was incredible last time and I have another Dinner reservation this time around again. Such a great variety of different foods to try!


@Mjfc42083 - Characters are there for dinner too, correct? If you have kids, did they enjoy dinner? Mine are fairly adventurous eaters (most days). Thx!


The last time we went was in December of 2011 and it was not a character meal, BUT I have been told and reassured by many that EVERY meal at Tusker House is now a Character meal that includes Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey! I do not have kids but we did have a VERY picky young adult eater with us last time who chose to indulge in copious amounts of Mac n’ Cheese and Corn Dog Nuggets and he was beyond thrilled with the meal. lol


We ate there at 10:30 am. So we got both breakfast and lunch food. It was great for my DH and twin DS4. There were a ton of options and it wasn’t too crowded, I think because of the time. We did extra magic hours that morning (this was in Jan 2017, so no Pandora yet…I have heard EMH are INSANE now because of Pandora) so we spent a good amount of time in the park and then had our brunch reservation. I am definitely contemplating doing that again when we go next January.


We went for dinner last March, and it was the worst food we had at Disney, by far. The kids loved the characters, but it was so disappointing to have Goofy and Donald trying to encourage my kids to eat something. (Even the kids buffet was a little off IMHO, though I did see several adults hitting it up because apparently they didn’t like the more exotic options available.)

Adventuresome eaters might really enjoy it, as there are lots of different types of foods to try. We hated it, though. (So disappointing to spend $200 on a buffet, then have to head immediately afterwards to a concession stand for snacks.)


We eat there every trip at 10:30am, usually after an 8am EMH. This gets you breakfast and lunch foods for the cost of breakfast. It is perfect for adventurous as well as picky eaters. Everyone leaves happy!


We’ve been lucky enough to eat there for B, L and D over the years. I think it’s some of the best food for a character meal. Our favorite is to book a late breakfast so we can some breakfast foods and then be there when it changes over to lunch. If you’re not on the dining plan, then breakfast is least expensive (especially if you can make it a brunch).


I’m LOVING this “brunch” idea and having late breakfast and getting some of the lunch options as they are put out. Gotta try that next time! I have a late breakfast at Crystal Palace @ MK this time around. Anyone know if this happens there as well?


For me, it’s a nice lunch break during a full AK day. I never eat large breakfasts, so I don’t even consider that an option. For dinner, I want an actual “order from a menu” TS, not a buffet. I generally avoid CMs at all costs (money grab and mediocre food), but the unique offerings at TH make it the one that I will will actually choose for a meal. The classic characters are a fun “plus”.