Tusker House at AK

Is Tusker House worth it? We have a party of 8 and are traveling in 19 days. I can get a reservation there. Also, what characters have you seen there? Does anyone know that actual cost? The website doesn’t seem to be accurate. Thanks!

We love TH! It’s one of the few places my DH insists that we eat. The food is unusual, but there are also mainstream options for less adventurous eaters.
Last time I was there, we saw Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Goofy.
Sorry, I don’t know the cost.

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Tusker House is our favorite. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy. Sometimes Minnie instead of Daisy (but that’s not often). It’s a buffet. The selections are great and the JAMBA juice is awesome. Menus are updated as often as possible. The current cost for breakfast is $31.94 for adults, $18.10 for kids; lunch is $37.27/$19.16, Dinner (which is now becoming a character meal) $32.99/$16.99. (the dinner price may likely change when the characters are added.

ETA: there are menus on the Touring Plans site which include pricing. So you can check it out and see if it’s for you.


current pricing for buffets and character meals.

Dinner did go up to $44

TH may be our favorite character meal (well, I can’t get my boys to do any princess meals so…). We saw Minnie AND Daisy plus Mickey, Goofy, and Donald so I guess we got an extra special day. Love that there are a few more adventurous food options in addition to things I know my kids will eat. It might be geared toward younger kids, or at least kids willing to be silly. The characters lined the kids up in a conga kind of dance with tamdorines and maracas!

We have gone all 4 trips and if we don’t on our next trip it’ll only be because we want to do something different. Tons of options and our picky kids loved it.

Love! This is the only sit down we’re doing on our next trip!

Just chiming in to say that TH is my personal favorite character meal and the only buffet I have enjoyed a lot. My DS10 even joined in the little parade that the characters do around the restaurant and it was hilarious to see. We asked all of the characters which animal they wanted to see on Safari and they pantomimed it. I believe we say Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy, but Minnie might have been there, too.

Fabulous character meal, in fact now that son will be older next trip we are cutting back on character meals and that was one no one wants to cut out.

I loved Tusker House. I won’t return, but only because I wasn’t impressed by the Animal Kingdom park.

We loved TH. We had a 10:45a.m. so it was combo of breakfast and lunch items. The jungle juice (I think that’s what they called it) was wonderful! My son drank so many cups! The characters fun and the atmosphere excellent. I loved both TH and Animal Kingdom and would go again for sure! Highly recommend it!

We loved TH, too. We had a 10:30 am reservation which allowed us some time to ride some before we ate and enjoy the shorter lines. The juice was awesome, but so was the rest of the food on the buffet. They had both the more unusual African offerings (which were delicious) along with standard breakfast fare for the pickier eaters. My daughters loved the characters dressed up in their safari gear. We are looking forward to a return trip September 2016! We highly recommend it!