Tusker house 8am and rope drop

In January I have an 8am reservation for Tusker House, and the park opens at 9. Does anyone know where we will go for rope drop as far as getting to Avatar Flight? Wondering if we will be lead behind an already long queue. Thanks

Hi. We did something very similar in late August. We had an 8.10am ADR at Tusker House and the park opened at 9.

We had a 9am FPP for Flight of Passage, and our plan was to eat our breakfast quickly, then get to Navi River Journey before the park opened (then use our FPP for FOP). We got to Tusker early (around 7.50am) and we were seated slightly early (probably around 8.05). We had finished with all the characters (and had indigestion from eating too quickly) around 8.45am so quickly made our way to Pandora.

You can’t turn right out of Tusker House and go over the “shortcut” bridge - you have to walk back to the central area and head over to Pandora that way (at least, we couldn’t as we tried - the bridge by Lion King had a rope over it). We got there around 8.50am and even though the park hadn’t opened, there were quite a lot of people there. However, we did walk on Navi River Journey, and used our FPP for FOP about a minute before 9am. Walking through the FPP line, the queue for FOP was short - it ended inside the building (rather than snaking across the park as it had other times we were there) so it’s definitely a good strategy.

Sorry for the long reply. I hope it helps

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I think you will, as already suggested , find there are a LOT of people waiting by the time you come out. Reports are that they let the rope drop crowd in early and lead them “at walking pace” to start queueing for FoP, at around 8:30 for a 9am opening.

I would suggest trying to push that breakfast to a late one if you need to rope drop FoP.

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Be sure to update and tell us how it goes! I was also thinking about this, Tusker then Flights.