TTC/MK security

I’m trying to weigh the transportation options from BWV to MK!
Can someone refresh my memory…
If I were to take an Uber from Boardwalk Villas to TTC (and then monorail to MK), do I go through security at TTC and then walk right into MK? Or do we have to go through a security line again at MK?
Similarly, if we take a BUS from BWV to MK, that would bring us to the entrance to MK and THEN we have to go through security lines?

When you arrive at TTC, you go through security and are done. No more security lines. Monorail exit at MK is past the security for the buses.

Taking a bus, you have to go through security at the MK entrance.


If you choose to Uber, I think most people go to the Contemporary Resort instead of TTC to avoid the extra step of the boat or the monorail. From the CR, you walk, go through security (which I believe is just for the path from CR) and that’s it.


We stayed at the BWI in May and never went to the TTC even once. We either took a Minnie Van, rode the bus, or did the Uber/Contemporary route.

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Thanks, all! We’ve stayed at BLT a few times in the past and love that easy walk to MK. My kids (9, 6, 2) love the monorail and this would be the only chance to ride it this trip so we will probably opt for an Uber to TTC. There will be 7 of us riding (3 kids, me, DH, and grandparents) so I was considering a bus to save a few bucks.

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We wanted to avoid the TTC backup so on our last visit in May, My DD19 and I took a Minnie Vans for our first day at MK…great experience with a very knowledgeable CM driver. He dropped us off the closet possible to the front entrance. Second day we took an Uber to Contemporary Resort, at the gate, we said we had a lunch rezzie, and then took the short walk to MK and went through security there.

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Did they check that you had a lunch res? I’d think I’d just say I want to eat at Contempo Cafe. No issues doing that right?

The guy at the gate didn’t check. You can also say you want to do some shopping at their gift shops.