TT Dessert party times mean what?

First time in the forums so hope this works. Just made reservations for Feb for Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert party. Does anybody have an idea what the ressie times mean? Wishes is scheduled for 9:00 so I’m not clear on why my only choice was 6:20 pm. In the past when we went, I think they put you closest to the railing for calling early (thanks Liners!) Do the times have anything to do with table location?

I think they stagger the ADR times to try to avoid the long line to get in. It doesn’t really work. People just line up when they get there and are checked in group at a time. We ended up waiting a good 20 minutes when we did the dessert party last February, so I wish we’d ignored the check-in time and just gotten there early.

Your table is assigned according to when you bought your tickets, and shouldn’t have anything to do with the check-in time.

I can’t remember when the party actually starts. I was thinking it started one hour before Celebrate the Magic, but that doesn’t make any sense because if Wishes is at 9 then Celebrate the Magic will be at 8:45 and 6:20 is WAY earlier than 7:45. Maybe someone with a clearer memory can add more useful information.

I recall a chat about this a couple of months ago when those odd times started showing up. I believe someone called and was told that was going to be a standard time because Wishes changes from night to night and that the party starts one hour before the time for that day. I’m pretty sure everyone who books the party on that particular night will have the same ADR time listed now. It started with the December parties on non MVMCP nights. Those nights still listed as 8:30 because Holiday Wishes is always right at 9:30.


hi @SallyEppcot do you know where they allocate from as we booked really early hoping to get seated near rail

Sorry @Tazbill, I don’t remember. Most people stand up and watch from the railing anyway, so it doesn’t matter as much as you might think. The viewing angle is best up near the buffet itself instead of in the seating area. The farther “up” you go (towards the desserts) the more straight-on your view will be.

The dessert party always starts one hour before a Wishes for everyone. @Outer is right, it was reported that the default time is now 6:20 and it is up to you to report at the correct time. There has been speculation that they assign seats in the order that you reserve but I have gone 3 times and the front tables have always been tables for two.