Tomorrow I finally get to book my TSL FPPs. I may not have the choice, but if I do have a choice between TSMM and SDD, I’m not clear which I should go for.

TSMM was an unexpected delight for me last year. I thought it was tremendous fun and I’d love to ride it again. Although SDD is probably 7DMT, I know that I’m going to want to try it.

My window at TSL is quite narrow — deliberately so. I don’t want to waste hours in queues. I’ve allocated only four hours at DHS, including lunch at HBD. I want to ride RNR and TOT. The rest of the time I’m happy to devote to TSL. I’d like to walk around and do at least one of the rides.

I’ll be there on Day Three of TSL being open, and I’m booking FPPs at 60+1 days.

Anyone have any thoughts about strategy? In particular, is all of the TSMM queue likely to be indoors and air-conditioned? Based on how things are now, how long could the line realistically be? Does TSMM have faster throughput than SDD? (I’m guessing it does.)

My guess is SDD is going to have a much longer line than TSMM because it is the new unexpected ride. TSMM is just getting a facelift but is the same good old ride we love. I would FPP SDD if at all possible.


I think it’s unlikely, but I just want to be prepared and ready for tomorrow, 7am EST!

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Good luck to you @profmatt! Let me know how it goes!


It may be unlikely, but I would fast pass SDD. It will be the only way to even try and do that ride. After you use your other fast passes, you can probably get TSMM, unless the one you get for SDD is later at night.

Good luck.

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Take this with a grain of salt if you will, as I’m a newbie. I’ve been stalking the FP availability and SDD had very very little FP on 7/2 this morning when they updated the system. There were plenty of TSMM. Being a party of 1 may be a huge advantage to you snagging one. Check this link out.

Walt Disney World It’s updated around 1:30 am Disney time, so check it out before 7:00 disney time tomorrow.

I’m stalking the FP availability to create a dining strategy. ADR day is next week. Guess what, I think I’m adding a day in the front of my trip. Ha!

That’s very interesting — thanks. It seems like I’m doomed for SDD, but should get the time I want for TSMM. So I’m not too unhappy about it. I’ll be back next year with 60+4 day FPP access. And presumably an FPP for TSMM will get me into the land so I can have a look.

Interesting to see so much availability for ASS. I wonder if it’ll be a walk-on, lol.

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On a podcast I heard TSMM might be easier to get on when the new rides open.

This is true, and it should have all 3 tracks operating which will help as well.

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That’s what I did back in January. My fastpass day was early February for our first trip in April. :heavy_check_mark:

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I finally worked out what ASS is! Still funny though lol


There was no availability for SDD. There was afternoon availability for ASS — which was no use to me as I’ll be gone by then.

There was plenty of availability for TSMM — so I’m happy. I can wait for SDD. Besides, I really like TSMM, and I’ll probably be disappointed with SDD. And I’ll get to have a look at the area :slight_smile:


Yeah, you should probably choose another acronym for the little green aliens attraction or this thread could become an adolescent giggle fest. Obviously my mind is not as clean as I thought it was.


My mind went there too @BeckyLlama, giggle

Glad I’m not the only crazy one. Now I will stalk the sb waits for the rides before my FP date to see if I want to grab SDD or TSMM.

Glad you are happy with what you got. I saw the preview of SDD and I may be a little disappointed. Now that I’m about finalized with where we want to eat, I have four months to analyze FP strategy.